URMF stands for United Romblon Ministerial Fellowship (formerly Romblon Ministrial Movement or RMM) which was established in March 2013. Now, URMF are officially registered under SEC as a religious group in Oct 2014. It is a fellowship of all ministers in the Protestant church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The fellowship holds overnight prayer meeting regularly in different churches in Romblon, Romblon. It promotes unity among all Protestant churches. URMF also sponsors 1 hour airtime in Romblon Radio on every Thursday 2:00-3:00pm.

Name of Officers

Chariman: Pastor Ricky Cipriano

Vice-Chair: Pastor Jun Manago

Secretary: Pastor Claire Maaba

Assistant Secretary: Pastor Edna Madrona

Treasurer: Pastor Merlin Maaba

Assistant Treasurer: Pastor Vic Lo

Auditor: Pastor Melody Rala

Board Members:  Pastor Doming Marcelo, Pastor Eunice Mijares, Pastor Paul Seva & Pastor Ruth Visca


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