Spelling Survey Reports

(Ini nga dokumento hay gingsulat sa Inglis lang.)


In August 1981, a spelling preference survey for Romblomanon was conducted by Robert French (former SIL member). The objective was to find out what would be acceptable as an official alphabet and spelling system for Romblomanon. That survey was done with six groupings of different ages, backgrounds, and occupation. However, the number of sampling people was quite limited. Also the survey was done 15 years ago, many things have been changing, especially the language. Therefore we feel that there is an urgent need to do the survey again with a bigger sampling which should also include the speakers in Sibuyan Island and San Agustin in Tablas Island besides Romblon Island. 

In 2005, there was another survey done to check on spelling preference of Romblomanon speakers on certain words.

As all surveys and study of 25 years, the 4th working orthography proposal was generated for public to comment.

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